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A set of Gosho-kago is used for a Shikishi-date which has been originally made by Insosai Soshitsu (13th sucuccessor of Ura-senke) and developed by Tantan-sai who is the 14th successor. This set includes a pair of tea bowls, 1 each of tea caddy, Chain-bako, Chasen-tsutsu, Chasen and 4 pieces of Ko-bukusa. Please take a look at Goshokago

Wagashi For Autumn
In Autumn, we tend to have more appetite than other seasons. Therefore,we call it autumn appetite. Naturally, there are various Wagashi made in Autumn. Please take a look beautiful Wagasi appeared left hand. We wonder which one you would like. Please watch the video from youtue at Wagashi
Mt Fuji has become The World Heritage
Mt Fuji with 3776m height has been inscribed on the World Heritage List as of July 2013 by the UNESCO. She is a sacred place and source of artistic inspiration and has been thought as a representative symbol of Japan in the world wide. She has been believed as a dead volcano but in fact, still active. Last eruption was done back in 1707 and she has had 43 times of eruption in her history. Please take a look at the video on the Youtube at Mt Fuji to enjoy her eternal beauty.
Tea bowls
Tea bowls are various shapes, designs, colors depending upon which potteries they come from. There are lots of potteries in Japan due to its geographical reason. Especially, we luckily have many traditional kilns around us in Kyushu, such as Arita,Imari, Karatsu, Koishiwara, Onnda, Agano, Takatori and etc. In terms of popularity of tea Bowls, people say that Raku-yaki comes the first. Then, Hagi-yaki is next and Karatsu. They look so beautiful and it is worth just looking at. There are several ways of diplay.>>Detail

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Sep 12 Tea Bowl, Tanzaku Set, Suichu, Urushi Wares Arrived
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A Short History of Japanese Green Tea
The origin of tea plant was in Yunnan Province, China. They ate tea leaves as a medicine at that time. It was a long time ago before tea became a popular drink. Tea plant was brought to Japan by Japanese Buddhist monks in Heian period (794-1185). Ordinally people in Japan began to drink tea much later in Kamakura period (1192-1333) with the new way of drinking which was known as the Matcha style that was brought also from China by Eisai(1141-1215), the founder of the Rinzai sect of Zen Buddhism. In Muromachi period(1392- 1568), the tea ceremony gatherings became more popular, paticularly among the warrior class when Japanese traditional tea ceremony (Cha-no-yu) officially began.

Various kinds of Japanese green tea
There are roughly 5 kinds of green tea such as Matcha, Gyoruko,Sencya, Hojicya and Genmai cha depending upon how it is grown. The manufacturing process is aslo different.

The utensils to be prepared for a tea ceremony

Nowadays, in a tea ceremony. Matcha (powdered tea) is normally used, not dry leaf tea and therefore when it comes to a tea ceremony here, it stands for Matcha tea ceremony.
Bacially, the following utensils are to be used for a formal tea ceremony;

Tea bowl, water jug, kettle&braizer,water basin, water ladler,tea scoop, tea caddy,tea whisk and tea cloth. However, in order to simplify such preparations, we have "Bonryaku Temae"(simplified tea ceremony) which has been popular among people who enjoy a tea ceremony. It needs only a tea bowl, a water jug,a tea scoop,a tea whisk,a tea caddy and a tea cloth on a tray, so that tea can be made to enjoy so easily. (you may be able to skip using a water jug and a tea caddy and use other vessels instead.)

A Short history of Japanese pottery
It was the Azuchi-Momoyama period (1573-1603) in which the original Japanese pottery had been developed drastically with its beauty. Lots of original Japanese pottery incluing tea bowls were born in this period. It was kind of an explosion of creativity in the hisotry of the Japanese pottery as an art in the sense that the designs of the pottery in this period were obviously diffrent from the pottery made before Azuchi-Momoyama period. In fact, they were influenced much by the techniques brought from China and Korea into Japan before that time.

Let's enjoy a tea ceremony at your home!
How to make and drink matcha tea? It is so simple. Just try a "Bonryaku -Temae". It must be much easier than you expect!

How to change tea bowls according to season?
What kind of tea bowls are popur in Japan?
How to keep tea bowls in good condition?

How to display tea bowls at our house?
What kind of flowers to arrange in a vase when on a tea ceremony?
What are green tea ingredients?
What is health benefit of Green Tea?
What kinds of cuisine Green tea can be used in?

Recommended Sushi Bar
There are many Sushi bars here in Fukuoka but we have one very good Sushi bar called Sushiman which is a local Sushi bar we often go to near us. He serves very tasteful Sushi pieces for us and we would like you to try once if you have a chance.

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