Welcome to our on-line shop RIKYU. We specialize in Japanese Tea items which can be used for an official tea ceremony such as tea bowls, wooden tools, scrolls, ornaments, lacquer wares, vases and etc, some of which have been taken over from late 1800's century.

Since luckily there are many old castle towns around the place we live in, we are blessed with lots of opportunities to come across valuable items so often in the local market. You can choose any items of each category specifically for your own taste with a reasonable pierce and remarkably good conditions as well.

Meantime, Sen-no-Rikyu, who we named after for our shop, was an official tea master to the rulers in Azuchi-Momoyama period (1568-1600), Nobunaga Oda(1534-82) and Hideyoshi Toyotomi (1537-98) and he devised the style of tea ceremony that has survived to the present time. He focused on tea's simplicity which came to be called "Wabi-cha" later.

Thank you for your visit to our site once again and hope that you would be able to tale opportunity to enjoy the special pleasure of having a tea ceremony at your hone with our items and experience for yourself a unique facet of Japanese culture at the same time through us.

Incidentally, we are glad to provide you with necessary information on a tea ceremony whenever necessary. Please feel free to contact us withouthesitation. Stay cool!

Hello from us

  • Hi. I'm Shinichi.

    Hi. I'm Shinichi. an owner of RIKYU. My friends overseas call me Sean. I used to live mainly in Seattle WA and some time in LA, CA, USA back in 1987 to 1988. I have never imagined myself to start this type of business but I'm very much proud of opening this web shop and glad to do introduce Japanese culture to people in the world who are interested in our heritage.
    Incidentally, I have a Skype network under the name of "seantakeishi". If you are also member, we can make a free conversation through PC. Please research my name in Skype to put you through to me. Let's talk something and have fun!

  • Hi. I'm Takako.

    Hi, I'm Takako. I have been interested in varieties of antiques in the world for a long time and personally one of collectors also. Especially I like Japanese antiques with elaborate decorations which are so attractive to me. I'm confident at introducing fantastic items to all of you because of this background. By the way, I have learned a tea ceremony and a flower arrangement for over than 10 years each and became a tea and a flower arrangement master of representative sects, Ura-Sennke and Ikenobo now. I'm very happy to provide you with useful information whenever you need it. Please feel free to contact me when necessary.
    (She is performing a tea ceremony at our home.)