The Sado we are introdcuing here is Urasenke family tradition of tea. The present Grand Tea Master of Urasenke is the 16th generation blood descendant of Sen-no-Rikyu.
Sado is deeply influenced by Zen thought. Therefore, in Sado, Spiritual aspect is most important. The basic principle is expressed in the words of Wa-Kei-Sei-Jyaku( harmony, respect, purity and tranqulity) We can reach the real meaing of Sado at the moment when we understand the meaning of Wa-Kei-Seijyaku. Let's try Bonryaku Temae to follow the pictures shown left hand.

Please prepare the utensils such as a tea bowl, a tea caddy, tea scoop, tea whisk, a silk cloth and linen cloth on a tray.

Put a waste-water receptacle aside.

Pour the hot water
into the tea bowl to make it warm.

iscord the water
into the waste-water receptacle.

Wipe the tea bowl with the line cloth.

Scoop the powered green tea (matcha)
from the tea caddy to put it in the tea bowl.

Pour the hot water into the tea bowl
and whisk the tea.

Show the front side of the tea bowl
to a guest to serve the tea.

A guest will be served a sweet before drinking tea. Place the sweets on your Kaishi paper and eat it at the host's signal.

Bow one time and give a greeting to the host.

Take the tea bowl with the right hand.
Then put it on the left hand and turn the clockwise twice in order to avoid its front.

Drink up a tea to the last sip.

Wipe the place you drank
form with your right thumb and index finger.

Wipe fingers on the Kaishi paper

The tearoom is basically a 4.5 tatami mat scale. They minimize the decorative elements to reflect the aesthetics of Wabi spirit. The entrance is small ( called Nijiriguchi) and guests must crouch to go through into the tatami room which shows a humble spirit called Sabi spirit.
Now you leanred how to make a matcha tea. It is easier than you expected before you learned, right?
Please enjoy your own tea ceremony at your home from now and learn the sprits of Sado as well. Finally, what I personally would like to add here is to entertain yourself through a tea ceremony it does not matter how. I feel that it is the most important thing to do.